Core Buisness

The contract manufacturing, heart activity of UNIVERSALTAC, is mainly directed towards the packaging industry, auto-motive, model-making, electrical and building even if it does not omit other areas, currently less developed, as the footwear and the plumber

The technical structure and the high technology used are able to provide the industry with highly competitive products and able to satisfy the most different needs.

It is also recently set up the quality assurance, promoted and developed within the company thanks to the continuous improvements of ISO certifications, which have since continued and evolved hand in hand with the organization
 in 2003 the company certification is renewed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, this time including also the activity of planing of artifacts, and in 2008 the company Quality System undergoes a further updated according to the new edition of November 2008 UNI EN ISO 9001), coordinated by the quality Manager and with the direct involvement of all staff UNIVERSALTAC, to perform the functions of:

  •      optimization of the production;
  •      quality control of the processes and of the products;
  •      traceability of production lots;
  •      control of partners and suppliers;

all this in order to ensure the best possible service to our customers.